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Workflow failed to create a session

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Posted on by 6,284
We are getting below error message when we submit the workflow to approve the free text invoice
/Stopped (error): X++ Exception: Failed to create a session;
confirm that the user has the proper privileges to log on to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations.
at SysWorkflowDocument-assert
SysWorkflowWorkItem-create SysWor/
Currently we just test this workflow and we only have 1 condition based on the invoice amount and the 2 (true / false) approvals, but without any automatic action and without /use final approver/. So there are no users defined on workflow.
Only user I see on workflow setting is the /Owner/ which does exist in the system as Administrator.
I also analyzed the partitions and Admin user based on some googling. In this environemnt we have 1 partition and 1 admin user is enabled.
Any idea what the problem might be?