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C.E User Custom Dashboards Disappearing

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Good morning all,
We have a recurring issue with Personal Dashboards just completely disappearing. It's not all of them, just a single dashboard, as though it was deleted. This has happened multiple times, to multiple people, all who claim that they categorically did not delete it.
This was raised once all the way thought to Microsoft support and the answer was that the logs stated that it was deleted from the web interface, but again, the user is adamant that they did not delete it. This is happening so many times now, and supported by multiple other posts regarding the same thing, that I believe it is a system bug, that Microsoft fail to admit to.
The latest instance was noticed immediately after clicking through a record from the offending dashboard, and on returning directly to home, the dashboard was gone. This suggests there are some erroneous/glitchy commands that are being sent that cause the system to believe a regular delete command was issued.
Does anyone know if there are any ways of retrieving things like deleted dashboards, or access to any logs that might show this?
  • AG-20061432-0 Profile Picture
    AG-20061432-0 2 on at
    C.E User Custom Dashboards Disappearing
    This has been happening to me more so recently but for the last few years.
    This week two dashbaords that I have created and that only I use have totally disapeared.
  • Dengliang Li Profile Picture
    Dengliang Li Microsoft Employee on at
    C.E User Custom Dashboards Disappearing
    I'm afraid that's not possible.
    The audit log is entity-based.
    The System Jobs and Plugin Tracking logs are unable to show change logs about the dashboard.
    Best Regards,
    Dengliang Li

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