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How to find a process that's causing an error?

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Posted on by 546

Hi, I have an issue in a Dynamics 365 environment where users create cases.
The moment a user tries to save a new case, an error comes up about not having any license.
This error message is wrong. When I look at the console of the browser, I see a more explaining error. It says /The user with SystemUserId=ZZZZZZZZZ in OrganizationContext=YYYYYYYYY is not licensed/.
I've checked the SystemUser table and found out this userid is of somebody who left the company months ago and only a couple of days ago the account was disabled and licenses were removed.
Yesterday and today I spent hours searching for a process that fails, a process that has this user as owner, a cloud flow with a connection of that credentials, business rules, bpf's, auto posts etc etc.
But, unfo, I cannot find the cause of this error.

Anyone of you have tips for me where to check?


Kind regards,