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Marketing Email Type Styles

Posted on by 30

Is there any way that we can create our own styles to select from when creating a marketing email? The default ones are all over the show. We would like to pre-define our heading, subtitle and body fonts/sizes/colours.

Is this possible? Where do we set these if so?

Thanks in advance!

  • Carolin Profile Picture
    Carolin 125 on at
    RE: Marketing Email Type Styles

    I have the same question like Samatha, where I have not understand the answer yet.

    So I want to remove the fonts "Comic Sans MS" and "Courier New" from the InlineToolbar because they are not in my corporate style guide:


    I have already tried it with the xml:

    <meta type="xrm/designer/setting" name="remove-fonts" datatype="font" value="Comic Sans MS,Courier New">

    but that was not working. (The opposite way of adding additional fonts like documented in

    Does anyone know how to achieve that?

    And the second issue was, that I have tried to edit the styles from the InlineToolbar, but also with no success:

    I want to be able to select in the "Styles" only H1, h2, h3, and so on and also remove the stylings which I do not need:


    And the third issue is also the same: how can I place the colors according to Corporate Style Guide in the color picker:


    Thanks for your help in advance, Carolin

  • Community Member Profile Picture
    Community Member Microsoft Employee on at
    RE: Marketing Email Type Styles

    Yes, it is possible with extensive knowledge of coding.

    But, It is also possible with wide range of paid-for custom templates made available by the custom online templates' provider.

    Find one that suits you. I would recommend envanto. They do the job best.

  • cloflyMao Profile Picture
    cloflyMao 25,194 on at
    RE: Marketing Email Type Styles

    Hi Samantha,

    1. If you would like to bring OOB marketing email template Style properties to your own custom marketing email template,


    just add <meta> tag with CRM attribute within <head> tag, then assign these attribute to your elements css rules.



    You could read following article for full guidance, all available custom attributes are listed in it (heading, subtitle and body fonts/sizes/colours etc).

    2. You could enable wave 2 release if you want to give your marketing email OOB column layout feature like bootstrap.



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    d_radulova Profile Picture
    d_radulova 2 User Group Leader on at
    RE: Marketing Email Type Styles

    Hi @SamanthaHow,

    I would do that in 2 steps.

    1. Define your own custom CSS or Javascript. They normally gets stored as a Web resource (unless stored somewhere externally.)

    If it's a Web resource, don't forget to publish first.

    2. Add a reference in the head section of your marketing email HTML using the link tag,

    <link rel="stylesheet" href="*****URL ***styles.css">

    Don't forget to go live.

    Also you might find the below thread useful. It's kind of similar to what you are trying to do.

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