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API Integration with salesforce

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Hi All,

I want to integrate MS GP with salesforce meaning I want to send some data from salesforce to Microsoft GP through API Integration. I am not able to find proper documentation about the API of GP how to connect and all.

Our company don't want third party solutions like scribe, jitterbit etc.

If any one have API documenttation of GP on how to connect using authentication and all will be helpfull

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    Beat Bucher  GP Geek  GPUG All Star Profile Picture
    Beat Bucher GP Gee... 28,009 Super User on at
    RE: API Integration with salesforce

    I'm on this like Tim,

    Why try to re-invent the wheel yourself, not to speak about the legacy that it will leave in place if one day they move to something else..

    Using out-of-the-box tools is going to prove much more efficient on the long run. Scribe no longer exists, as they have been a long time integration tool for GP and stopped developing the product.

    today you're left with only a few options:

    - SmartConnect from eOne Solutions

    - Kingsway Soft, which offers a multiple integration paths and interconnects with both SalesForce & GP.

    KS Soft uses SSIS, but it is the preferred tool for many developers apparently.


  • vsmarimuthu Profile Picture
    vsmarimuthu on at
    RE: API Integration with salesforce

    Hi Tim,

    Thanks for your suggestion. Just giving a try with this as I did lots of integration with SAP, Google, AWS etc.

    By trying this I am learning something also in MS Dynamics. Just giving a try and if it not never works means as like you said we have to go for third party integrations.

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    RE: API Integration with salesforce

    The /GPWeb URL appears to be our Web Client Dynamics GP application and that isn't an integration tool, that just allows you to use Dynamics GP via a browser window.

    The /DynamicsGPService.asmx URLs would be related to our Web Services for Dynamics GP application and is the Legacy endpoint URL, which these are those:

      a. Native endpoint URL for Web Services >> http://<webservername>:48620/Dynamics/GPService

      b. Legacy endpoint URL for Web Services >> http://<webservername>:48620/DynamicsGPWebServices

    Web Services and Web Client are two completely different applications. I just wanted to mention this along with the other information the Community has added.


  • Tim Wappat Profile Picture
    Tim Wappat 5,701 on at
    RE: API Integration with salesforce

    Unfortunately this is a major integration project, even if from the outside it looks simple. 

    For integration, realistically the tooling is provided by 3rd parties like scribe, because it is not straight forward. This is the value products like scribe bring, years of experience and problem solving already done for you.

    I would seriously challenge the company decision not to use an integration product, it is short-sighted view. You may also be able to get some support with the integration from a 3rd party, that you will need, and is beyond that possible in forums. Otherwise you are very likely going to need some consultancy hours from an integration specialist to get this going, and there are few specialists working with GP integrations now. 

    This is not to say you can't create your own solution, just I would say from experience you would not be adding value doing it yourselves. 

    - just my view on it.


  • vsmarimuthu Profile Picture
    vsmarimuthu on at
    RE: API Integration with salesforce

    Some how I can able to get the things.

    but need one help on the ASMX URL

    Here is my 2018 GP URL

    In this seems there is a web service URL which has to be frames as like below


    and when i tried with

    its not going through

    Any help?

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    RE: API Integration with salesforce

    The only samples we have for Web Services are in the help file I'm attaching.

    For example, if you look at the CreateCustomer method, you'll see a legacy and native endpoint code for each, but may be more along the lines of C# as well, but I'll let you look at that:


  • vsmarimuthu Profile Picture
    vsmarimuthu on at
    RE: API Integration with salesforce

    Thanks Derek Albaugh for the answer. I feel we cant use SBA and better approach is to go with Webservices calls only.

    In that document there is no point how to authenticate the GB web services and all. The sample code provided is using C# libraries which cant be used in APEX salesforce. Is there any sample code how to use in Java or APEX will be more helpful. I feel GP is kind of tightly coupled and cant be used with other languages. Not sure why it was designed like that.

    Actually we are using web based GP and here is how our looks like


    Pardon me, I am pure salesforce guy and new to GP. so finding some correct path to implement this in salesforce

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    RE: API Integration with salesforce

    Dynamics GP has a Web Services that can be used for integrations:

    Otherwise, Service Based Architecture (SBA) is designed as a set of services using REST, so that almost any type of application / reporting platform can use it, as Android, Apple and Windows based mobile platforms can all use REST services.

    You can look at these and see if either will serve your needs.


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