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how to autofit columns in excel file

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I've written a class that inherits from runbasebatch and I'm using it to fill up excel file. I use two classes  -     OXMLWorkbook_RU, OXMLWorksheet_RU. Here I open and close Excel document:

protected void printDocument(Common   _caller)


    workbook = excelDocument.workbook();
    worksheet = workbook.getWorksheet();
    bookmark = '';

    this.formatBody(taskDaysFactTmp_ICL,taskDaysFactTmp_ICL_additional, _caller);

    comExcelDocument = new ComExcelDocument_RU();, true);

BUt excel file opens with width of the columns not according to the contains of the columns. HOw to autofeet columns? I didn't find anything useful in classes OXMLWorkbook_RU, OXMLWorksheet_RU. I found googling that it can be done like that:


But I'm not using SysExcelWorksheet class at all. How to do that in my case?


  • Tony Mok Profile Picture
    Tony Mok 577 on at
    RE: how to autofit columns in excel file

    If it is OfficeOpenXml, you can use cells.get_item(1,1,worksheet.Dimension.End.Row,worksheet.Dimension.End.Column).AutoFitColumns();

  • dark_knight Profile Picture
    dark_knight 763 on at
    RE: how to autofit columns in excel file

    Hi Sergei,

    I use two classes  -     OXMLWorkbook_RU, OXMLWorksheet_RU but class OXMLWorksheet_RU doesn't contain any autofit() methods for columns.


  • Sergei Minozhenko Profile Picture
    Sergei Minozhenko 23,083 on at
    RE: how to autofit columns in excel file

    Hi Azat,

    If I understood correctly OpenXML doesn't support autofit option and you need to calculate the width for each column based on cell content

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