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Report Dialog Batch Tab

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In AX2009 SP1, I cannot find any standard reports that display the batch tab on the report dialog box.  The batch processor runs as it should and processes other kinds of batches without error.  I have admin permissions, so I don't think it is a security issue.  We have no modifications to runbase or runbasebatch classes. 

Should I have a batch tab that allows me to send a report to the batch processor?  If so, does anyone have any ideas about why I don't?



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    lispyj 2,695 on at
    Re: BatchReport Security Key

    I have found Hotfix 980247 that addresses the issue of "You cannot run reports in a batch if you do not have the Business Analysis license in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009".  The hotfix installed the missing BatchReport security key, but I am still unable to set access permissions to it. 


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    lispyj 2,695 on at
    BatchReport Security Key

    I do not have a BatchReport node in the security tree that I can find.  I am an Admin, and have debugged to code to make sure that the evaluation of the security key (permission >= view) is coming back false.  If I hard code the evaluation to true, the batch tab appears when I run the dialog, so this is definately my problem. 

    We are not on business ready licensing, so there are some of the business essential license codes that we do not have.(business analysis and AIF Basic, for example). Is there a license code that would effect the visibility of this security key? 




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    Re: Re: Re: Re: Report Dialog Batch Tab
    The batchReport security key has its own node in the tree (where you set permissions from user groups) but if you are admin, you should have full control.
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    lispyj 2,695 on at
    Re: Re: Re: Report Dialog Batch Tab

    I did the search and find the Batchable class is unmodified and the boolean set to true.  There are no instances of runBaseBatch.showBatchTab(false) in any reports. 

    I have found the the RunbaseReportStd.hideBatchTab method is returning true. 

    boolean hideBatchTab()
        // show the batch tab if we are using the server bound runbase batch framework
        // or if we have the Bath Report security key enabling scheduling a report using the old
        // runbase batch framework (runs at the elevated permissions of the batch user)
        return !(hasSecuritykeyAccess(securitykeynum(BatchReport), AccessType::View) ||

    Does you know how I can find the BatchReport Security Key?

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    Re: Re: Report Dialog Batch Tab

    Also, run a search on your reports and forms for:


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    Re: Report Dialog Batch Tab


    I dug around a little bit to see if I could help (never heard of this problem before).  This might not be the solution but can you check \Classes\Batchable\showBatchTab method?


    The _showBatchTab boolean variable should be set to true.  I am not sure if this framework is for use with classes or reports however.  Give it a shot and let us know.



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