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default e-mail message format

Posted on by 46


when the e.g. packing slip is posted, posted document has the options to be printed, saved to file or e-mailed:


Is it possible to setup/change default message format? In our case "ASCII" is always the first option by default, but we would like to have PDF as first option instead of chossing from the list:


Can an user set this up or it is a code based setup ? 

  • Danny Bilodeau Profile Picture
    Danny Bilodeau 4,056 Super User on at
    RE: default e-mail message format

    Hello Jozef,

    Indeed, Print Management is only if <Use Print Management> option is selected.  Using this option actually removes the the additional step of entering in the Printer setup dialog box and selecting print destination etc.  You can also print in batch mode, so documents could be sent without human intervention !!  

    But it sounds like development is the way to go to make selection faster for your users.



  • Jozef Profile Picture
    Jozef 46 on at
    RE: default e-mail message format

    Thanks for the response Danny.

    I have tried several setups in Print management, achieved some changes, yet did not achieve what was my intention to.

    it does change the print management for the already created Packing slip when using print management option but when printing the packing slip from the screen the first option is always the ACSII.

    I guess this indeed is a developer change although the formats are not alpabetically sorted (RTF preceedes HTML) so I will have our dev team look into this.


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    Danny Bilodeau Profile Picture
    Danny Bilodeau 4,056 Super User on at
    RE: default e-mail message format

    Hello Jozef,

    Do you know the Print Management feature?  For each of these document you could default the "to", "Subject" and message format.  You create one default setup and you can configure exceptions for customers or vendors that want it in a different format (eg printed Packing Slip instead of email packing slip).  

    There is no setup to default the message format for email.  The list seems to be sorted alphanumerically so developper could change the sort order or hide the unused options.



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