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Clean Associate identity under the unknown Worker

Posted on by 473
1. Refresh database from GOLD to UAT, and after refreshing, there are no WORKER records in the newly copied environment UAT.
2. Create new worker ID in the UAT env. Worker ID 000021
3. On UAT, validate a new device under new worker ID 000021 but the system popped up an error said my email has been used by staff 000003 (this staff record is from the GOLD env, not in UAT env.)
4. The error keeps popping up although I clean the usage data, run job 1060. 
Actually we don't have the worker id 000003 in the UAT environment. The below drop-down list still displays it
Please advise if there is any way I can clear the cache of the worker ID 000003 using my current email to validate the device under the worker ID 000021
  • Hana Xue Profile Picture
    Hana Xue Microsoft Employee on at
    Clean Associate identity under the unknown Worker
    Glad to hear your issue has been resolved and thank you for sharing.
    Best Regards,
  • Verified answer
    Ett Profile Picture
    Ett 473 on at
    Clean Associate identity under the unknown Worker
    Hi ALL,
    No worries to this error. I found the worker ID 000003 existing in the UAT (not in the selected entity) via Data connector, then I deleted the worker ID 0000003 can associate the identity now. 

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