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Licence questions: Project Task table

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The Dynamics 365 licence documentation states that a Team Member is allowed to:

Project tasks: update project task status for Project Operations

1. Does that mean that once a project task record is created then the TM can update the 'status' of it having RU of CRUD?  Or does it actually refer to the Project Task Status (statecode) field?

2.Can a team member update a custom field on that table?



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    ghdunn 235 on at
    RE: Licence questions: Project Task table

    Thanks Spalanidurai for a very thorough answer...I will explore your suggestions.  I am just going to keep this open to see if anyone else responds.

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    Spalanidurai Profile Picture
    Spalanidurai 45 on at
    RE: Licence questions: Project Task table

    1. Project Task in PO can be completed by submitting Timesheet for the task and then Approve timesheet. Need to submit the timesheet for estimated effort time to mark a task as 100% complete

    You can create custom field in Project task table, But that cannot be added to Task Gantt view. To update the status, you need to open task details and change the status.

    We are using Bucket as alternate option. Create buckets for each status, this allows you to add the field in Task Gannt view. Also board view helps to move/change the task status easily

    2. Team Member can update project tasks as per license guide. We haven't tried Team member license. Instead we built custom Team App for Project members and used Scheduling API to update Project task. You can also distribute planner task via Power Automate for Team members. When user complete planner task, Power Automate can update PO task. Unfortunately planner does not support custom fields.

    Record time and expense entries as progress is made on a project
    Expense: approve
    Create and approve project timesheets
    Project Resource Hub: apply for a project, report time and expense for projects
    update project tasks, update own resource competencies

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