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Teams chat in Dynamics 365 Timeline

Posted on by 52
I want to see the Teams chats in the Timeline for Dynamics 365. As you can see in the screenshot - in Collaboration from the left hand side to Embed Chat Using Teams - Manage - then turn to Yes all options as shown below.
Teams chats still don't show in Timeline...
Please help...
Thank you in advance.
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    meboo127 Profile Picture
    meboo127 41 on at
    Teams chat in Dynamics 365 Timeline
    Hi All,
    After raising the ticket with Microsoft, their product team has fixed this issue and deployed the fix globally. I can now see the connected Teams chat on D365 record timeline without any issue.
  • meboo127 Profile Picture
    meboo127 41 on at
    Teams chat in Dynamics 365 Timeline
    Thank you very much for coming back. 
    I have checked the Filter By on Activities Timeline and Teams Chat is selected as well as we select Show All Activities :( 
    The funny thing is it works in my Trial environment but doesn't work in client's :( Have logged ticket with Microsoft and waiting to hear back from them. Will keep this thread posted if I find anything. 
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    Community member 15 on at
    Teams chat in Dynamics 365 Timeline
    You have to Enable Team Chats in the activity list for the Timeline, just like you do for Email, Tasks, Phone Call, etc.  Settings > Advanced Settings > Settings > Customization.  Open the Entities section, find Cases, and expand that.  Click on Forms.  Choose the form you have set as your default.  For us, we use the Case for Interactive experience, so click on the Name, it's a hyperlink.  Once the form opens, double click on the Timeline box.  That opens the Activities Tab Properties.  Open the Activities tab.  In the Filer By section, select Teams Chat.  Click OK.  Don't forget to Save, then Publish.
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    JustRhonda 49 on at
    Teams chat in Dynamics 365 Timeline
    I have the same experience and provided documentation feedback on August 1, 2023 but yet to hear back (waiting on internal feedback). Here is the link if you want to follow: 
  • meboo127 Profile Picture
    meboo127 41 on at
    Teams chat in Dynamics 365 Timeline
    Have you found the solution for this issue as I'm having the same problem, the chat doesn't appear on the Timeline after switching on all options in the settings. 
    Thank you very much. 

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