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Data management

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Hello everyone,

I've been deeply involved with Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 and have encountered a challenge that I hope you can assist me with. I'm seeking the most efficient method to extract data from the system. My aim is to export specific datasets for analysis or to integrate them with other systems. Conversely, I'm also looking into importing data into Dynamics AX 2012 but haven't been successful with the approaches I've tried so far.

From what I understand, Dynamics AX offers various tools and methods for data management, including Dataports and APIs. However, I'm uncertain which method would be most suitable for my purposes and exactly how to proceed.

Can someone help me with this?

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    Kevin Xia Profile Picture
    Kevin Xia on at
    Data management
    Which one is most suitable for your purpose actually depends on your business scenario or other factors. Choose the method that best suits your business scenario from all feasible solutions. You can refer to these official documents first and consider the methods introduced therein.
    use Data Import/Export Framework (DIXF), which allows you to import and export data in various formats: Data Import/Export Framework (DIXF) user guide | Microsoft Learn.
    use AIF, which enables companies to integrate and communicate with external business processes and partners through the exchange of XML over various transport media. AIF enables both business-to-business and application-to-application integration scenarios.Services and Application Integration Framework (AIF) | Microsoft Learn
    Best regards,
  • andreasraithel Profile Picture
    andreasraithel 4,328 on at
    Data management
    Hy Frederik,
    your question is not so specfifc that I can you give you the best fit answer.
    What is your requirement? Please describe your purpose.
    Import or Export one time?
    Continous integration Import or export?
    What dataset is requiered for analytics?
    Hope this helps.
    Herzliche Grüße / kind regards,
    Andreas Raithel
    D365FO Solution Architect

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