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How can I track my own equipment / assets within Dynamics 365?

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Curious how people would handle this situation and/or hoping someone can point me in a direction.

We use dynamics 365 marketing and also have project service automation and field service modules loaded. We are a non profit disaster response organization and have a need to be able to track things like kits of chainsaws across the country. We currently make a project record which also has a related event record, and we're hoping to be able to do something like "this set of 3 chainsaws is currently at this event relating to this project, but next week we'll need it across the state at this event".

It looks like it could be a few ways but most documentation doesn't seem to address this use case. Would these be assets (even though they are ours and not a customers?) with functional locations? Or would these be bookable resources with an equipment type that we'd use the schedule board to schedule it from place to place? We'd also like to track maintenance and keep notes so I'm confused about which entity to track this stuff in. 

Thanks in advance if anyone can help!

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  • CRMizer_out Profile Picture
    CRMizer_out 85 on at
    RE: How can I track my own equipment / assets within Dynamics 365?

    Hi, A resource type of equipment could help here. You can then book the equipments to a particular job. Assets are mainly designed to hold information about assets that your company would normally service. Hope this helps.

  • MPrill Profile Picture
    MPrill 10 on at
    RE: How can I track my own equipment / assets within Dynamics 365?

    Are you saying to start with an asset then add a bookable resource to it to be able to use the schedule assistant for future needs of that asset?

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    Gabriel Dias Junckes Profile Picture
    Gabriel Dias Junckes 2,404 on at
    RE: How can I track my own equipment / assets within Dynamics 365?

    Hi Mike.

    You can also use Customer Assets and Resources to manage your internal processes.

    The Customer Asset you can use to track the maintenance and service history. And the Equipment Resources can help manage the availability.

    You have to add them as Customer Assets and Equipment Resources.

    So to find the usage of the equipment, you will go to the resource and see the Field Service (PowerBI) reports.

    In the Customer Asset, you will find the service and asset conditions.  

    The agreements can help you with scheduled maintenance.

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