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Inquiry>Inventory>Item Stock (item/product details not shown)

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Item stock inquiry does not show details for some items, even the maintain history option is marked for that item.
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    Inquiry>Inventory>Item Stock (item/product details not shown)

    The Item Stock Inquiry window is going to look at two tables. The IV00102 and the IV30300. 

    The Total Stock quantity and all the lower fields in the bottom part of the window are stored in IV00102.  If the balances in IV00102 are wrong, the window will calculate the balance at the top incorrectly.

    The IV30300 is where the detail (INFLOWS AND OUTFLOWS.  The system uses the quantities in these tables in its calculation to get to the balance (4).

    It starts with the balance in the IV00102 and works its way backwards (STARTING AT THE BOTTOM OF THE WINDOW) through transactions in the IV30300.  Once it gets to the last transaction in the table (based on date) the system puts that balance at the top of the page for the “balance”.  See screenshot above, 4 is the balance.
    Based on your scenario, if stuff is missing from the window, then it is likely missing out of the IV30300 table.  

    Things that are know to cause this.
    1. Not maintaining IV history.
    2. Removed data via SQL from the IV30300.
    3. Posting interruption where data didn’t make it into the IV history tables.
    4. Changed U of M equivalent.  Ex.  1 each is the base, 6 each= 1 case.  Customer changes the equivalent and now 8 each = 1 case.  The system allows you to change the U of M equivalent, but there is no warning that this will be the ramifications of this act.  A
    5. Serial/lot quantity overrides.  Brought in 3, sold 5 and overwrote quantity. 
    As you are missing lines, you will need to determine what lines are missing and create insert statements to insert the missing records.
    One thing I would suggest checking is the Historical Inventory Trial Balance report and see if this shows you the missing information. This report should capture everything.

    The link below has information on the HITB report.

    I hope this helps!

    Thank you!

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