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Workflow process to generate a calendar entry that synchronises with Exchange/Outlook calendar

Posted on by Microsoft Employee

I'm building a workflow process in Dynamics 365 triggered by changes to a date/time field in the Opportunity entity - this should create (or update) a [Dynamics] Calendar entry for the user to whom this Opportunity is assigned on the date/time in question, which should then automatically synchronise with the user's Exchange calendar because server side Exchange synchronisation is enabled.

I've hit a brick wall with this having tried every option I can think of - the following aspects work separately, but not the end to end solution:

  1. The workflow is triggered as expected, and correctly creates the calendar entry in the Dynamics Calendar;
  2. If I manually create an entry in the Dynamics Calendar it appears in the user's Exchange calendar, so I know the server side synchronisation is working correctly.

However ... calendar entries created by my workflow are not synching to the Exchange calendar.

I'm convinced I must be missing something extremely obvious but can't fathom it!

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    RE: Workflow process to generate a calendar entry that synchronises with Exchange/Outlook calendar

    Resolved this now ... Appointments that are created by a workflow process exist in an "open" state (on our Dynamics instances - not sure if this has anything to do with instance settings) whereas manually created Appointments get a status of "scheduled" - it seems the "open" ones don't get synchronised with Exchange.

    I couldn't find any settings / filters to specifically include open Appointments in the synchronisation, so instead I added a step in my workflow to set the Appointment status to "scheduled", which did the trick ...

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