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0x8004020E error while sending email via batch

Posted on by 1,665

Hi everyone

I'm getting this error while sending emails via batch from Ax 2009 (SP1, RU8) : 

Method 'send' in COM object of class 'CDO.Message' returned error code 0x8004020E (<unknown>) which means: <unknown>.

From what I can tell (, the error code means:

The server rejected the sender address. The server response was: %1

Here are some observations:

- There are no customizations involved here. Everything used here is standard Ax

- Email parameters are configured correctly (using google smpt relay server)

- This error occurs whether the username is filled in or not (no password supplied)

- All public ips are whitelisted on the server, so no authentication requirement

- I can send emails from the server via Telnet

- I can send emails from Ax via job (client sided code), (but only if the from address is within the domain. This is a good indication to me that things are configured correctly)

- The the batch job  of the report sending and the email distribution job both run using an admin account. The error occurs if this account has a completely invalid email address, a correct email address, or no email address at all

- There are no visible stops/blocks on the SMTP side

I've looked at several posts but none have helped. Some include:


Any help appreciated.


  • BrandonSA Profile Picture
    BrandonSA 1,665 on at
    RE: 0x8004020E error while sending email via batch

    Thank you Will WU

    I'll run some tests to check whether it's TLS or not - thank you for the suggestion.

    If it's a TLS issue, why would I still be able to run it from a client sided job?


  • WillWU Profile Picture
    WillWU 22,344 on at
    RE: 0x8004020E error while sending email via batch

    Hi BrandonSA,

    It seems that TLS autentication which you need is not supported in AX.

    Try this link(translated from spanish) to meet the requirement of TLS security.

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