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Expiry dates

Posted on by 105
If I have a list of sku, batch no and expiry date how can this be uploaded to populate each item within the batch ?
  • Netjacker2097 Profile Picture
    Netjacker2097 184 on at
    Expiry dates
    I would look into the item tracking, as you can create Lot (Batch) tracking.
    1. create the lot tracking code
    2. Item Journals - Negative stock out. (Before posting, export out the lines in excel. you will need this for the Postive jounal back in.)
    3. on the item card but, populate wit the new tracking code for the item you need batching.
    4. Item Journals - Positive stock in. (remeber you much put the same cost back in from the excel you export out for the negative adjustment. Cant make something out of nothing rule).
    5. on the journal select ==> Line ==> item tracking and add the QTY you need for the batch (I.e. batch. 1234 has 100 qty)
    6. if not already in view, you will need to customise your pacge to bring in the expiry date in and populate it.
    7. check all before posting the stock back in.
    Please note, when you consume the stock on the way out you will need to assigne a batch on the item tracking for the product  before you can post. (assuming you not used Item tracking before :) )
  • Valentin Castravet Profile Picture
    Valentin Castravet 7,109 Super User on at
    Expiry dates
    If you have a list of items in inventory and you need to an expiration dates to the lot you can use the Item Reclassification Journal to do it. 
    You can use edit in excel or configuration packages to make it faster as well. 
  • Shaikh Zuber Profile Picture
    Shaikh Zuber 105 on at
    Expiry dates
    Apart from Expiry date, i am also asking for SKU and batch no need to be upload to populate within the batch ?
  • gdrenteria Profile Picture
    gdrenteria 5,036 Super User on at
    Expiry dates

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