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What is the best way to leverage the use of Power BI in D365 FO nowadays ?

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Hi all,
This is an open question as of what is the best way of use or leverage Power BI to support D365 FO activity ? Since the technology is growing and change quite fast with stuff like Data Lake, Synapse Link and last is Fabric, but in reality I found most of companies still baffled of how to use it. And there are a lot of company/implementer use OData but then Microsoft it self do not recommend the use OData for analytics, in that case can I say Power BI is not best to use OData for its datasource ?
Also about the report it self, I 'm wondering any company/customer ever use those charts like diagrams, pie, and so on which now quite many with their own features ? because in the end they want to see it in /plain-old/ tabular format, and more dramatically they want to export it into excel which obviously more like in tabular format.