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Overdue amount blocking rule

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Hi experts,
Client has Parent and child relationship for their customers and they have set blocking rule on overdue amount on parent company. They have an issue of sales orders going on credit hold though there is no overdue amount. Below is the scenario:
Overdue amount blocking rule set as “Greater than or equal to” $1.
Payment terms as per customer master Net 30 days.
Ageing bucket shows balance amount in 0-10 days and 11-30 days only no amount in other ageing buckets (31-60 or 61-90).
As per customer transactions there is no balance amounts which have passed the due date.
There is no other blocking rule for parent company or child companies. 
Blocking reason for the order which has gone to credit management hold list states overdue amount equavalent to Sales order value.
There is some customisation in Sales order process however not sure if its the issue.
Please advise what could be the reason for order going on credit hold and also if i need to see any other setups or configurations.