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VAT Difference on Purchase Pre Payment order

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I have a Purchase order on BC which is a prepayment.

We have a VAT difference of 0.01p on our invoice to the vendors.

On a normal 30 day invoice I would go to order statistics under invoicing and change the VAT amount by 0.01p to match the vendors invoice.

It is not allowing me to do this on a pre-payment purchase invoice. When I go to order statistics it lets me change the VAT lines under the invoicing section but not under the prepayment section (unable to edit).

It will not let me post the prepayment invoice with this difference. I get the following error if i try “The Prepayment account is assigned to a VAT product posting group where the VAT percentage is not equal to zero. This can cause posting errors when invoices have mixed VAT lines. To avoid errors, set the VAT percentage to zero for the account.”


Things to consider:

  1. We cant post the prepayment invoice with incorrect VAT to the vendors even if it is only 0.01p these have to match.
  2. If I do post the Prepayment invoice with the wrong VAT initially, I can’t see a way to amend this later as it becomes a posted prepayment invoice and unable to change anything on there to correct the VAT.
  3. It isn't possible to change the VAT product posting group against the G/L Account as there are other open orders. It may also cause issues with calculating the VAT on future orders, if this was changed to zero rate.
  4. We need to pay this upfront before we receive the goods into stock, so I cant post it this a normal invoice because there is nothing to post as we haven't receipted the goods in (and Can't).

Any advice/help would be greatly appreciated.

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    RE: VAT Difference on Purchase Pre Payment order

    Hello JPEccles

    I would suggest, to create a support case when you can reproduce the scenario in a non modified CRONUS company, feel free to raise a support request via your partner or CSP.

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