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Failed Receivables Transaction Integration - Orphaned Record

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My client had an AR Transaction integration fail when using integration manager.  There are no visible invoices in the system, however it seems like an orphaned record was left behind.  

If they try and reimport, they get the following:  



DOC 1 ERROR: You may not edit this document. It is being edited by another user.  

That said, we know the suspect invoice, but need to know what tables to search to see if we can find the orphaned item.  Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot and resolve?  Please advise.


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    RE: Failed Receivables Transaction Integration - Orphaned Record

    Hey LongtimeGPandSL,

    The RM Tables that you would want to look at are below. As these do not sound posted i did not include the Bank Rec, General Ledger or Revaluation tables.

    RM00401 - RM Keys

    RM10101 - RM Distribution Work/Open

    RM10201 - RM Cash Receipts

    RM10301 - RM Sales Work

    RM20101 - RM Open

    RM30101 - RM History

    RM30301 - RM Distribution History

    RM20201 - RM Apply Work/Open

    RM30201 - RM Apply History

    RM20201 - RM Apply Work/Open

    RM30201 - RM Apply History

    MC020102 - Multicurrency Receivables Transactions

    If there are just phantom records, one thing that you can could test is running check links on the RM Transaction tables. If these are truly phantom records, it would remove them.

    If the Transaction record exists, check links would recreate the missing RM00401.

    I hope this helps!

    Thank you!

    Brandon | Microsoft Support Engineer.

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