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Error when clicking FlowRun in CRM

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I have created a flow on Power Automate that I trigger from my CRM for a specific entity. The flow runs correctly; however, I would like the result of the flow to be displayed in the same manner as a workflow result(in Background Processes).

I noticed that there is a /FLOWRUN/ section in the software that could potentially show this information.

However, I am unable to insert it directly into my CRM; it is located in the advanced settings, and when I attempt to use it, I encounter issues.

Additionally, when I search for my flow runs and select a flow, a message appears.

My question is as follows:

  1. What are the steps to display the result of each flow in my CRM, similar to how a workflow result is displayed?
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    AL-21051332-0 5 on at
    Error when clicking FlowRun in CRM
    Thank you for your reply.
    However, I tried to do as explained but I do not have the possibility to activate the flow run entity in the customizations.
    how to do ?
    Each box is blocked so I cannot uncheck it.
    Is there another way to activate this entity?
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    Leah Ju Microsoft Employee on at
    Error when clicking FlowRun in CRM
    I try to understand what you mean:
    We can track background workflow in the CRM
    Now, we need to click each flow to check run history of them in Power automate.
    So you want flow's run history to be able to be checked in CRM directly?
    1.There is one preview feature:
    2.Try to do some customizations:
    I hope you can mark my answer verified if it answer your question! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

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