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Adyen Pay-by-Link

Posted on by 37

I have a customer who wants to use the Adyne pay-by-link feature with the D365 commerce application.

The only info I can find is this idea from 2020 Microsoft Idea (

Can anyone from Microsoft confirm whether this is already available? In the pipeline? Totally ignored? ....


  • Umer Draz sheikh Profile Picture
    Umer Draz sheikh 15 on at
    Adyen Pay-by-Link
    Check this out
    It also support Klarna and works for backoffice as well as POS
  • Oksana Kovaliova Profile Picture
    Oksana Kovaliova 3,584 on at
    RE: Adyen Pay-by-Link

    Hi Laura, I've heard about plans for 2023 (together with Klarna, etc.) - but no official reply

  • tutsin Profile Picture
    tutsin 20 on at
    RE: Adyen Pay-by-Link

    Hi Laura,

    We have created an integration for Adyen payment links. You can contact me for more details -

  • Suggested answer
    Charlotte X Profile Picture
    Charlotte X on at
    RE: Adyen Pay-by-Link

    Hi Laura,

    The idea is still in a status of Needs Votes, this means that it has not yet been planned.

    I've voted on the idea, but it needs to be endorsed by more people.

    Best Regards,


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