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Eliminate estimate project

Posted on by 20

Hi, i'm trying to eliminate an estimate project by the periodic Eliminate estimate function in project management and accounting module. However, when i run the function, the system does not eliminate the estimate project i specified in the parameters. The contract has been invoiced for the whole amount and the last estimate has been created so that the %completed is 100%. There are no committed cost.

Am i missing any setup? How can i eliminate the estimate project?

I need to see the effect of elimination since it is a FP project and revenues have been accrued on the project. 

Many thanks,  

  • Satya Teki Profile Picture
    Satya Teki on at
    RE: Eliminate estimate project

    Hi ,

    Thanks for your questions.

    Few things to check

    Are there any open costs

    Are there any On-account transactions which are not invoiced ?

    Are there any pending transactions ?


    Satya Teki

  • Roberta22 Profile Picture
    Roberta22 20 on at
    RE: Eliminate estimate project

    Hi Andrè, Ludwig and Junaid,

    yes, i've checked wether there were remaining amounts into the forecasts and 0 quantities/amount are shown. I am eliminating to Ledger accounts.

    These are the estimates i've posted


    Do you refer to this when asking for any remaining quantity/amount? Cause in case both are set to 0



    When running the function i've not enabled "Eliminate with WIP warning" cause i'am not allowed to do so, the checkbox is gray-out (i guess this is due to setup in the module parameters, am i wrong?".

    By the way, if this can help, even when running the "Ready for elimination" report, nothing is shown. 

    Many thanks, 


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    Junaid Idrees Profile Picture
    Junaid Idrees 12,740 on at
    RE: Eliminate estimate project

    Hi Roberta,

    On eliminate estimate screen, did you enabled "Eliminate with WIP warning" & "Show infolog" options? Please do that and system will give you atleast notification if there is any non estimated transaction exist. Can you also share the screenshot of Estimate 》 Overview and General Tab

    One more thing, Are you eliminating to Ledger account or Fixed Asset?

  • Ludwig Reinhard Profile Picture
    Ludwig Reinhard Microsoft Employee on at
    RE: Eliminate estimate project

    Hello Roberta22,

    Can you share the steps that you executed and some supporting screenprints that shows the estimate project for the project?

    Many thanks,


  • André Arnaud de Calavon Profile Picture
    André Arnaud de Cal... 287,696 Super User on at
    RE: Eliminate estimate project

    Hi Roberta22,

    Have you checked if there are no remaining amounts and also no remaining quantities in the forecast?

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