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Uploading a file from device to page level

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Hello all , 
My Requirement is that to create  a custom table and page and set a action on page and when clicked on action i need to get option to import file from my local device and that that particular file will be a Excel file in which I will be having 5 rows n number of columns and now in the Business central page created the data needs to get populated automatically 
if this particular requirement is possible please help me out on how to write to code and all the procedure  I need to follow to achieve the above mentioned requirement.
A detailed explanation on the same would be a good help.
Thank you ,
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    Saurav.Dhyani 12,820 User Group Leader on at
    Uploading a file from device to page level
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    Uploading a file from device to page level
    Hi, hope the following helps.
    Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central: How to use Excel Buffer to Import data

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