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Change Unit of Measure AX2009

Posted on by 2,695

I would like to change the UOM for some of our items in Dynamics AX2009 SP1, but the system doesn't allow this change.  The change that I am proposing is a 1 to 1 unit of measure conversion, so costing and inventory issues should not come in to play.  Here is my problem.  When our unit of measure data was set up, the EACH unit of measure was used incorrectly, in my opinion (don't even try to argue, 'cause I won't give in!) The EA unit of measure is always a whole number that cannot be used in fractional quantities.  Our EA was set up with two decimal places and was used for many items that are divisible, like sheets of plywood.  I want to change the items that are designate as EA, but can be used in fractional quantities to SH, PC, or some other UOM that has decimal places allowed. WHY you ask?  Master Planning creates planned orders from the sales forecast that don't round up to the nearest whole number.  We get a funny look from the production floor when an order for 1/2 of a table slips through!

So, I am thinking of a brute fore approach to changing the data and am looking for pitfalls that I haven't thought of.  Sadly, we started cleaning this up back in Axapta 3.0 but didn't get done before the conversion.  Can anyone think of problems that I haven't foreseen?

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    George Burrell 85 on at
    Re: Change Unit of Measure AX2009
    Question remains however. Are we meant to be allowed to change Units of Measure in AX2009. Like you lispyj, I noted that this was possible in V3. I am guessing this might be a safety precaution introduced by Microsoft, but would like to be sure.
  • lispyj Profile Picture
    lispyj 2,695 on at
    Re: Re: Re: Re: Change Unit of Measure AX2009

    Thanks everyone.  The change to the multiples field worked.  It was not necessary to add a rounding up value in the bom. 


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    guk1964 10,877 on at
    Re: Re: Re: Change Unit of Measure AX2009

    You may also need to modify your BOM calcualtion in that case for round up costing ??

  • lispyj Profile Picture
    lispyj 2,695 on at
    Re: Re: Change Unit of Measure AX2009

    Thanks!  I will give that a try.



  • Re: Change Unit of Measure AX2009

    Hi Lispyj

    For a quick fix to avoid the problem with the planning, then make the multiple field = 1 on the items, that cannot have decimals, then the planning will round the qty to one.



  • Re: Change Unit of Measure AX2009
    There are a number of project available online for doing a primary key rename, with filtering and all. So you would be able to rename the unit of measure symbol to SH for all items, where there are transactions with fractional quantities (or for all items from a predefined list, or filtered out otherwise). There aren't really any pitfalls to this, except that you need the system to be in "single-user mode" for the duration of running the script, so that other users don't introduce problems for you. Note, that you should thoroughfully test this on a test environment before rolling it out on a production environment

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