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Automated printing in Microsoft GP

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Can GP be set up to automatically print sales orders as they enter the system?  We have a custom front end web portal that customers enter orders into and that data lands in GP as a sales order.  These come in all day, but have to manually be printed.  I understand we could use the batch print feature, but it would be nice if a schedule could be developed to print all order at a certain time or as they arrive into the sales module

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    Almas Mahfooz Profile Picture
    Almas Mahfooz 10,967 User Group Leader on at
    Automated printing in Microsoft GP
    Hello Tim,
    As mentioned by others, with customization this can be done, if you decide to go for customization then  I can provide paid assistance.
  • JE-16052131-0 Profile Picture
    JE-16052131-0 2 on at
    Automated printing in Microsoft GP
    Liaison Messenger does that unattended, prints, emails, archives and can automate attachments to the documents prior to emailing.
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    Joseph Markovich 3,814 on at
    RE: Automated printing in Microsoft GP

    There is an add-on for GP from Rockton Software called Dynamics Report Manager. It can be set up to automate printing to the printer of your choice based on whatever criteria you want!

    The only thing is the order form needs to be a SQL Server Reporting Services report. This add-on uses SSRS for all for the forms and reports you want to move off of Report Writer or the Word Templates.

    If you want to get a demo if it, I have a ton of SSRS templates you can use to try it out.


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    David Musgrave MVP GPUG All Star Legend Moderator Profile Picture
    David Musgrave MVP ... 13,781 Super User on at
    RE: Automated printing in Microsoft GP

    Hi Tim

    I believe that this would require customization.

    GP Power Tools can use a timed, scheduled or triggered process to print invoices which have the times printed value of 0.

    There is lots more to GP Power Tools, I am sure you will find many things useful.



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