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Printing VAT Amount in Journal

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I am trying to get the VAT Amount printed in the Journal Printout Report in General Journal.

Right now it does not show the VAT amount per line or in the total though VAT is being calculated and is visible in SalesTax Tab next to the journal line. 

The remaining details like amount, transaction text etc are being printed from Table LedgerJournalTrans which is linked in the Data source for the report. 

The VAT amount is being stored in table TaxTrans and I have linked the same in the report. 

I added a new Real Field in the report called VAT Amount and I created a method to return the VAT Value for each line in the report. 

The code is as follows: 

display real VATAmt()

 if (LedgerJournalTrans.Voucher==TaxTrans.Voucher)

 Return TaxTrans.TaxAmount; 


Return 0


The report returns a 0.00 all the time. I cannot find another linking field other than Voucher that links both the LedgerJournalTrans and TaxTrans. 

I appreciate your support on how to get the report display the sales tax per line correctly. 

I am on a test environment. 

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    Ludwig Reinhard Profile Picture
    Ludwig Reinhard Microsoft Employee on at
    RE: Printing VAT Amount in Journal


    The only standard report I can think of that comes close to your requirement and does not require an adjustment is the transaction origin report that is available in GL in the reconciliation section. By selecting the tax check box you can get the sales tax info included in the report by default.

    Probably check out this report and how it is designed.

    Best regards,


  • oldman.logan Profile Picture
    oldman.logan 557 on at
    RE: Printing VAT Amount in Journal

    Hi Dr. Ludwig. I have gone through those and I have earlier implemented those in Purchase Order, Sales Invoices etc. The issue I am having is with Journals. As you can see here in below screenshot. In Journal Line 1, BROKERAGE, LABOR CHARGE, TRANSPORTATION CHARGE the total including VAT is 4,462.500.  In the SalesTax Tab, the VAT Amount / Sales Tax Amount is clearly shown as 212.5. 


    Since our accounts dept maintains a printed copy of all journals and supporting documents, we need the journal printed and it would have been useful if it showed the VAT amount per line, as seen in below print. 


    So as per the above example, we need the VAT amount of 212.5 displayed in the same line as Total Amount including the VAT which is 4,462.5. 

    Some lines do not have any sales tax, so it goes without saying that such lines should display 0 / blank in the VAT column. 

    Another use of this is that sometimes the accountant forgets to post VAT for bank charges and he can easily see the mistake in the printout during filing and rectify it. 

    So in this case, it is not possible to simply add a calculation tab which calculates 5% on every line, since some lines do not have VAT. 

    I cannot display the VAT from TaxTrans table based on voucher number since there might be more than one line in a voucher. 

    When I open the SalesTax Tab for the journal, it gives me a referenceID which is 5637515159 which maps to the table LedgerJournalTrans. But not sure how to have this linked to the TaxTrans table. 

    Any hint would be appreciated. Thanks in Advance! :)  

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    Ludwig Reinhard Profile Picture
    Ludwig Reinhard Microsoft Employee on at
  • oldman.logan Profile Picture
    oldman.logan 557 on at
    RE: Printing VAT Amount in Journal

    Comments anyone?

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