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Issue in navigate to next/previous/first/last document / change document in Sales Transaction Entry Form

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we have upgraded our GP from GP 10 to GP 2018. Before upgrade, our users were able to navigate to next/previous/first/last document or change document number from Find by Document Number window on Sales Transaction Entry Form. See marked section of attached screenshot.  After upgrade, when our users try to navigate to next/previous/first/last  or change document from the Find by Document Number window, GP gives an alert message like Save your changes in scrolling window line before continuingThey are not making any changes before they perform this action. See below error screenshot


Because of above error message, they are frustrating because this is necessity of their daily routine work. I tried to find a root cause but didn't get it and didn't find any solution. There is a way to avoid that error but this is an additional step and that is annoying to do every time. The way is that I click on last empty row generated by GP and then perform mentioned action. It works fine without above message.

Please help me to resolve this issue and make my users happy.