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Automatic Record Creation Rules from Queues

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I have a scenario where an email enters a queue and needs to be created as a case. In some cases emails are skipped (activity triggers) and as a result a case isn't created. This occurs as the email is already tracked in the system against another record i.e. the regarding field on the activity is populated.

This is happening as the email may already be tracked against a contact/lead/opportunity etc but when they send this same linked email into a shared mailbox the automatic record creation rule doesn't apply. As a result we're missing out on 100's of cases that are already linked to records in the system.

The automatic record creation rules are created as "out the box" as they can be. Unsure why this is happening.

I understand this may be intended functionality however demonstrates that Dynamics 365 Sales and Customer Service cannot work together when tracking email activities.

Is there something I'm missing?

Is there something I could add into the record creation rule configuration?


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    RE: Automatic Record Creation Rules from Queues

    You are right...if the "regarding" field of incoming email is already populated with a Case record... then Dynamics will not create a new Case!

    This use-case has been taken care-off in our Zap Helpdesk - Email to Case solution.

    Zap Helpdesk can use "Case Number" from email subject to identify if this incoming email is part of an existing communication or new case needs to be created!

    For more details, please refer: How to design a Customer Support process when using Dynamics 365 for Customer Service? (link)

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