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backpac file import error in Dev environment - Error importing database

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Hi Peers,
While importing the bacpac file (database) into Dev environment, prompting errror.
1) I've downloaded sql package file and extracted
2) downloaded backpac file and started running below script in command prompt
SqlPackage.exe /a:import /sf:/C://Users//Admin//Bakpac files//gldbackup.bacpac/ /tsn:localhost /tdn:AxDB_ENV_24112023_02 /p:CommandTimeout=0 /TargetTrustServerCertificate:True
3. I tried above with both stopping the services and without stopping the services as well (Batch, management reporter,life cycle diganostic, world wide web..etc), always failing in 15 minutes
Error importing database:Could not import package.
Error SQL72014: Core Microsoft SqlClient Data Provider: Msg 207, Level 16, State 1, Procedure AutotuneEvictPlansFromCache, Line 24 Invalid column name 'plan_forcing_type_desc'.
Error SQL72045: Script execution error.  The executed script:
CREATE PROCEDURE [dbo].[AutotuneEvictPlansFromCache]
Find below screenshot for error reference: