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tracking catch weight product with serial number

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Hi everyone,

A customer is using process manufacturing and catch weight functionality. Briefly, this is the scenario:

  • we are using the "KG" unit and "bag" as a catch weight unit (1 bag = 1000 KG ; min = 800 and max = 1200)
  • when processing a batch order, he wants the system to assign a serial number to each bag

To do so:

  • I created a tracking number group with "Per qty" field value = 0
  • Set the "serial number" to active in the tracking dimension group
  • Activated the "serial number control" in the tracking dimension group 

This way, it is only possible to process batch order only with catch weight qty = 1. But the customer wants to create batch orders with CW qty > 1 and the system automatically assigns a unique serial number to each unit.


  • Why the standard is built this way? what are the risks from a functional point of view?
  • what are the options to proceed with the standard as it is?
  • is development the only way?

Thank you!

  • Abderrahim Smari Profile Picture
    Abderrahim Smari 60 on at
    RE: tracking catch weight product with serial number


    Thank you for your response.

    Yes, the serial number is for tracking the weight of each bag, and to give us full visibility on the inventory.

    For now, I found a way to implement this:

    I configured the tracking number group so that the system generates a batch/serial number only when inventory is physically updated. This way, in the update registrations page during the production process, they register every bag individually and indicate its weight while the system automatically generates a serial number for that bag.


    Please, do you have a link that describes this procedure (print the barcode and scan it into the system)? I want to try it and see maybe it's a better solution.


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    A.Prasanna Profile Picture
    A.Prasanna 8,161 on at
    RE: tracking catch weight product with serial number


    What is the primary purpose of using Serial Number, just to identify? or Track each bag's weight ( weight embedded barcode)?

    What if you use another way around without complicating it, mean you print the barcode first and then scan it into the System?



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