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Advanced Accounting Rules-Nested, Dependent Values Not Working

Posted on by 44
Hello - I am trying to utilise advanced accounting rules to created nested or dependent values. The need is very straightforward but I can't seem to get the rules to work.
I have 2 financial dimensions which are segments in my account structure. One of the dimensions needs to have its values narrowed down based on the value selected in the first dimension. Example: I have a segment named Fund with a list of 10 or so values. I have a second segment named Line of Accounting with a list of 3 values. Each fund value can only be associated with 1 line of accounting so when I select a fund value from the list, I don't want to see all 3 values in the Line of Accounting list; I only want to see the value the fund is associated with. When I try to create say a PR, I select a value from the list of Fund segment, then click on Line of Accounting segment, I still see all 3 values in the list.
I have some screenshots of the advanced accounting rule setup and the PR Financial Dimensions during PR creation. The reason there is no advanced rule criteria, is that the rule must always be applied. In the example in the screenshots, fund 9R should only have 1A2A displayed in the list for Line of Accounting yet all 3 values for Line of Accounting are popping up in the list. It's clear I must be missing something in my setup but I'm uncertain what the missing piece is.
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    mlas101 44 on at
    Advanced Accounting Rules-Nested, Dependent Values Not Working
    Upon further testing, the advanced accounting rule is working for transactions such as general journal entries and invoice journals but is not working for purchase requisitions. Does this sound accurate? I have a screenshot of a general journal entry which is acting, as expected.
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    mlas101 44 on at
    Advanced Accounting Rules-Nested, Dependent Values Not Working
    Hi Waed - I had not considered using derived dimensions. That could be a possibility but when I go to the Financial dimensions screen and select my 1st dimension (which happens to be the first segment in my account structure), the Derived dimensions option at the top greys out. It's not selectable.

    For information - Fund is a financial dimension based on Fund (General Ledger > Funds); does that make a difference?

    EDIT: As it turns out, it appears that derived dimension functionality is not available to the Fund entity because it is company specific. So, I need to figure out the issue with the advance accounting rules.
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    Waed Ayyad 3,802 on at
    Advanced Accounting Rules-Nested, Dependent Values Not Working
    Do you want to have the 2nd Dimension to be derived dimension of the first Dimension?
    If yes, check the below blogs about the derived dimensions:
    Waed Ayyad
    If this helped, please mark it as "Verified" for others facing the same issue

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