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Generate recurring invoices batch job is not generating the invoices

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Posted on by 29

Hi everyone,

I need some expert advice on batch jobs, please. This bug came out of UAT whereby the batch job set up for generating recurring free text invoices is running but not generating the invoices. The error message is:

No invoices were generated because none matched the criteria provided.

When I check the parameters for the batch job, it shows me the original dates that I set up, which tells me that the batch job doesn't change the dates automatically in order to generate the invoices as per the setup. Could you please help me understand what I'm missing? How do I make this batch job run with the correct parameters, so that it generates the invoices on a daily/monthly basis? Also, how should I handle multiple recurring invoices and their batch jobs (e.g. different templates, different customers)? Should I have multiple batch jobs for 'Generate recurring invoices'? How does this work?

Your help is much appreciated! Thank you in advance!