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Debugger is not working properly

Posted on by 2,427

I keep on trying to debug the code. still no luck.

I unchecked in tools- development->execute business operation

Microsoft dynamics server configuration are properly given.

still, no solutions....



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    Mohammad Raziq Ali Profile Picture
    Mohammad Raziq Ali 2,427 on at
    RE: Debugger is not working properly


    When we generate product receipt for any purchase order, InventUpdate class gets hit.

    As I have written some code in wrirteInventTrans method. So, I was trying to debug the code in that method.

    I am facing problem as it was not debugging into my code. Now, I resolved this issue.

    In Item master-> item model group-> stocked product was unchecked. So, the debugger was not entering into InventUpdate class.

    I checked that field. it is working fine.

    it is not debugger problem, it is related to set up of item master.



  • Martin Dráb Profile Picture
    Martin Dráb 224,750 Super User on at
    RE: Debugger is not working properly

    You'll have a better chance to get a solution if you bother to actually explain your problem. "To debug the code" is not very descriptive. You may be debugging server-side X++ code, a batch, an SSRS report, an EP web site or something else. Each of these things have its specifics.

    People who're trying to give you some advice are merely guessing and choosing one of many different problems you might have run into. Although some guess might be a hit, a more systematic approach is usual more successful.

  • 5400 Profile Picture
    5400 7,160 on at
    RE: Debugger is not working properly

    are you want to debug server code or client code or service code.  May I know more details.

  • Pir_Rana Profile Picture
    Pir_Rana 836 on at
    RE: Debugger is not working properly

    Have you received any error during debugging?

    please check your user is added into MS debugger group.

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