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Share guide with two HoloLens in the same time. (multiplay)

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The first-person startup Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides with HoloLens2

The second user have also HoloLens2 and needs to follow what I doing in the guidelines and see what I see.

It is possible? to have two HoloLens connect at the same time? and How?

Best regards,

Kim Carstens

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    RS-05071740-0 165 on at
    RE: Share guide with two HoloLens in the same time. (multiplay)

    Hi MediaMedic,

    I believe Microsoft Mesh was created for this purpose (viewing and manipulating 3D models simultaneously with other HoloLenses)

    Please try downloading Microsoft Mesh from the Microsoft Store, import your 3D models, and then place them onto your virtual table.  

    This may not have all the full features that you are looking for, but Mesh supports 3D models and 3D annotations across multiple HoloLenses.

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    MediaMedic 5 on at
    RE: Share guide with two HoloLens in the same time. (multiplay)

    Hi Leco

    Thank you for your comments!

    The task is to show a 3D model/animation and the host (HoloLens no 1) can handle the model (as the app viewer 3D already have in HoloLens2) - but the host should share the 3D model with our HoloLens (no 2,3 etc.) users and in the same physical room, so all the other user have HoloLens on, can see what the host share in the HoloLens.

    We have Guides 365 and use this for our task for the clients, but I think we can use these tools, but we can NOT share them with our HoloLens2 :-( Do you have any idea of the apps we can use for this task?

    Best regards,


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    Leco Lv on at
    RE: Share guide with two HoloLens in the same time. (multiplay)

    Hi partner,

    Do you mean connecting two devices like a live meeting so you can share your perspective and how-to?

    As far as I know, it seems that HoloLens and HoloLens cannot be connected at the same time for sharing. If you have concerns about a guide and think that users can't do well with the guide, you can remotely assist through Teams (desktop or mobile).


    For the Guides, Operators could see exactly what needs to be done, and where, so they can get the job done faster, with fewer errors and greater skill retention. If you have concerns, you can also add Teaching videos to the guide operation when you create a guide, and the guide supports uploading images or video files.

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