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Personalization - Publishing user views for new users

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Hello experts,
We have a need to make a few fields mandatory/hide. So, we had saved the necessary changes and published to specific security roles across the organization (also keeping this saved view as a default standard view). 
Now, we do add a couple of new users every month. I realized that these personalizations doesnt get added to the new users. What i tried to do :
1. I tried to publish again - but the default view option gets greyed out. 
2. I tried copying the view to specific user. But that doesnt gets saved as a default view in the user screen. 
I found only 1 option to do this - doing it all over again with a different view name. Then it allows to publish with the default view. 
Is there a better way to do this?  Thanks in advance. 
P.S. Referred to earlier questions. Was wondering if anyone found a solution for this now. 
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    Waed Ayyad 2,982 on at
    Personalization - Publishing user views for new users
    Did you publish it to security role already assigned to the new users? Try to click manage my views from the any of the new users and delete the view it then tries to publish it again. Also, you can export it from any of the old users and then import it to the new users.
    Waed Ayyad
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