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Populating Project Resources

Posted on by Microsoft Employee

Help Please! Am trying to add a new worker to be able to create an expense report. I go into workers, new, and fill out the screen, etc. When I select Hire, I get the error: 

Project resource data has not been populated. Please populate the data by running the ‘Populate project resources across all companies’ batch job.

So I run the batch job just as it says and another error, saying the batch job has already been run. Also try to add a different worker as a project worker, and get the exact same error. 



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    Community Member Microsoft Employee on at
    RE: Populating Project Resources

    in the search bar in dyn365 F&O put the text "Populate project resources across all companies" and click in search


    and after that u see this screen and need enable de batch processing and click OK


    aftter that if u need this procees will run every day, u need go to de batch jobs, look for the job called "Populate project resources across all companies" and select the opction recurrence and configure the recurrence run.

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    Chris Haley on at
    RE: Populating Project Resources

    We would need some more info to troubleshoot this. I would suggest opening a support ticket to have somebody from the support team help you out as it might need deeper investigation, unless anybody here has come across this issue and found a solution already!

    What deployment scenario have you got here? Is it the new integrated mode? Have you loaded the project operations demo data into F&O and applied the latest updates to the environment? Can you share the version details from the help > about menu in the top right?

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