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Deploy Power Automate using Azure DevOps

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I'm referring to this article:    

We use exactly this approach for deploying Power Automate Flows.

There is only one missing piece we additionally use: We use a PowerShell script after importing the solution to enable all cloud flows in the solution. Otherwise they stay disabled.

Is this step missing in the mentioned article or is there a way to avoid the PowerShell script?

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    Lars_Martin 9 on at
    Deploy Power Automate using Azure DevOps
    We use a Service principal for deploying the solution to the other environments.
    The Cloud Flows use connection references and during solution import we use a deployment settings file for mapping the connection references in the solution to the connections in the target environment.
    However, after importing the solution we have a Powershell script in place which activates all Cloud Flows contained in the solution using an impersonation user as a Service principal is not able to activate Cloud Flows. This impersonation user is the one who owns the connections in the target environment we mapped to the connection references. Otherwise activating would fail.
  • tmms Profile Picture
    tmms 2 on at
    Deploy Power Automate using Azure DevOps
    What user are you deploying the solutions under? Do you use connection references? A common scenario where flows are deployed in disabled state is relate to connection/user problems.
    This article explains how to avoid this:

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