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Offer Catalog per Barcode, not SKU

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Hello everyone,

We all know that the offers Business Central (BC) provides out of the box work with SKUs. Let's refer to a particular SKU as /x./
We also understand that you can create as many barcodes as you wish (let's call them /a,/ /b,/ and /c/) and link them to the same SKU (/x/). In doing so, when you scan any of these barcodes, the same SKU (/x/) will appear in the POS system. Essentially, barcodes (a, b, c) are associated with SKU (x).
Here is my question:
Is it possible to create an offer where the barcode serves as the primary key (PK) (a, b, c), such that when you scan it, while it still returns the same SKU, it would have a different price for each barcode?
Best Regards,
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    Jun Wang Profile Picture
    Jun Wang 3,614 Super User on at
    Offer Catalog per Barcode, not SKU
    I also don't believe this is possible. BC allows user to have one item card under which multiple sku could be created per location. currently this is mostly for inventory management and item replenishment purposes. BC manages costs and price under the master item card. Even user could create multiple reference for the same item. BC doesn't allow user to define different prices per item reference cause they essentially pointing to the same item.
    for out of box features, you need to create different item card as a work around or build some extension to meeting such requirements. You might try to add a column for each item reference to override the default price on item card.
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    Valentin Castravet Profile Picture
    Valentin Castravet 4,151 Super User on at
    Offer Catalog per Barcode, not SKU
    As far as I know this is not possible out of the box. But recently the price calculation in BC changed to make it easier to create custom price calculation models. You could create a customization that calculates the price based on the barcode. More info: Extending Price Calculations - Business Central | Microsoft Learn
    Valentin Castravet
    Zander ERP Services

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