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D365 Remote Assist automatic join meeting

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The Company A use the Hololens for remote training on its mounted equipment.

After the equipment is mounted on Customer B, the Company A send a preconfigured Hololens (licenced with D365 Remote Assist) to the customer in order to train the customer technician.

The company plans the training session with a Teams meeting with the Remote Assist user configured on the Hololens.

The customer technician, the day of the training, switch on the device, get a "Tips" session and later log into D365 Remote Assist with the pre-configured user.

It would be nice if the Remote Assist user could be configured in order to:

- automatically log into eventually available meeting as soon as logged into D365 Remote Assist.

- automatically answer incoming calls

In this way it's not necessary to train each time all the customer users on how to use Remote assist for joining meetings or answering calls.

Thank you.

Simone B.

  • DavePinch Profile Picture
    DavePinch on at
    RE: D365 Remote Assist automatic join meeting

    Hi Simone, consider writing an idea submission here and thank you for posting.

  • Remy Rouinvy Profile Picture
    Remy Rouinvy 229 on at
    RE: D365 Remote Assist automatic join meeting


    It is possible to use Multi-App kiosk mode on the HoloLens.

    For a customer we managed to restrict their HoloLens to only Settings, a Line of work App and miracast sharing.

    Most of the functionnalities on HoloLens are applications, so kiosk mode is very customisable.

    For the other questions I have no information, sorry !

  • Vincent Guigui Profile Picture
    Vincent Guigui 315 on at
    RE: D365 Remote Assist automatic join meeting

    I love the use case and very few companies are trying to implement it.

    Enabling the Kiosk mode of HoloLens may help you restrict usage of HL to remote assist app only.

    Sadly it may prevent accessing Tips and potentially the control panel.

    Regarding the autologon, I don't see that coming as it can be considered as a security breach (authentication token expired after X days on most server or active directory)

    Auto-answer for incoming call is a good feature request you should push on the Feedback Hub.

    Another issue to consider is that Remote Assist app is regularly updated. Your user may not be able to connect if the HoloLens has not been connected for months and an update is required.

    Sorry for being pessimistic.

    Let's hope Microsoft team are working on solutions for this.


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