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Dealing with loans for cash flow and budget on the ERP system

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We are in the process of implementing the Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP 2009 in our organization and we have just discovered that the finance module in this system, does not include dealing with loans or managing them.

We require anything that can help us mange loans in the system that hopefully includes the following features: managing all types of loans (short/long term), multi currency loans, linking loans to indexes, calculating all types of interests, payments management, integration to cash flow and journal, loans approval workflow and reports on loans.  

First of all, it doesn't make sense, since this feature is very basic one for any finance department in any company and since it exists in other ERP systems we have expected this feature to be included in the system.

Second, I was in touch with Microsoft about this matter and turns out that maybe in 3 years they will develope it and include it in the system and we need a solution now.

Third, our supplier said that all his customers demanded something like that, but no one got it and I am wondering what those customers are doing without it? How do you work without managing loans on the ERP system, thus keeping cash flow, balance and budget up to date?

I would very much appreciate your help on this matter.

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    Re: Dealing with loans for cash flow and budget on the ERP system

    Dear Noam,

    Even I'm looking out for similar solution for one of our client. Please let me know if you have got any additional info on this. Is there any add-on available for Loan Management or have you done any customization on this?

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