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Real time marketing segments are not refreshing

Posted on by 89
Not sure why I'm even asking here as I very rarely get a response but is anyone else experiencing issues with real time marketing segments? Ours have not refreshed for at least 3 days and new ones give this message:

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    2manyquestions Profile Picture
    2manyquestions 2 on at
    Real time marketing segments are not refreshing
    I am not having this issue. I would need to see how you set up your segment to give you a proper answer to why you could be experiencing this. I've had a MS cert for consultant, developer and the marketing app with a background in software engineering and have been using RTM since last October, both with clients and internally. I state this only to show that I have quite the understanding of a lot of the background processes for CI- Journeys. There's a couple things that could be happening in the background:
    • A lot of the new user interface features have not accounted for all the error handling needed for a great user experience. Due to this, the segment can be erroring at some level that is somewhere outside of what the editor is accounting for. I know my internal marketing team ran into similar issues back a couple months ago. I cant remember the exact error any more or what the exact cause of it was.. but it was something like the team had used another segment to create the problem segment, without realizing that it competed with the newly created segment.. basically both segments had a portion of the same people (so the system was trying to add them together and was getting confused) or had the opposite problem of mismatching "else" statements (so the system was trying to add the same person but the old segment wanted them and the new segment did not for example). The end result was that it would never work or error and I could only tell due to experience and dev tools. 
    • A less likely but technically possible option is that the app has too many references/workflows/power auto flows or whatever other background processes and has reached some sort of call limit and must wait for them to finish before continuing. I HIGHLY doubt that's what is going on but if you have people adding things without understanding the impact of getting it wrong, then its possible that this can occur

    I could add a couple more but at that point I'd be fully consulting you lol (as each scenario is dependent on other factors - like other possible user errors or process errors). It is very very likely that something is happening with the segment creation itself and there's no error for it yet. 

    As far as HubSpot goes, its not a better product when including all of d365 capabilities and how it can be connected with other platforms (have had clients with HubSpot) I am not saying that its not a good product though, if that fits your needs better then I would even suggest it for you myself. But the RTM app competes well even without the added capabilities of the platform. If you add just Power Automate, then I'd say its comfortably favorable to HubSpot. But assuming you are just using RTM and nothing else, I would tell you that your frustrations are due to the fact that its a relatively new product. Its not established, so there's not many places to go for help. People are not well versed enough yet for a lot of articles to be out there and Microsoft's documentation isn't able to cover all scenarios. If you're not an app maker, then you're going to struggle with understanding the holes inside of Microsoft's documentation because you have even less references. Getting training for this app is also hard to find currently, as there's not enough experts out there yet.  Basically, if you are using this app enough to get you to the point of frustration over and over again, you need to find a consultant from a MS Partner to either train your employees or create your segments, journeys and the like until your employees catch on and can do it themselves (or technically use them for everything other than designing your campaigns and content). Otherwise it may be a better option for you to switch. 

    To know if a switch is really needed, I would still hire a consultant for a "discovery" process to see the cost benefit analysis. You may not be using RTM to its full capability 
    either, which could easily pay for the discovery phase with a consultant who understands the app. 

    Although I am capable of providing this service if you need, I do not promote it here (that's why nothing you'll see on my profile shows it or who I am). I don't care if you use me or not either, I just want to point you in the right direction. 
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    jwcpc 89 on at
    Real time marketing segments are not refreshing
    Thanks Fiona, but new ones are not just not going live for at least around 12 hours. We're also having issues with lags on emails in customer journeys, for example event reminder emails are delayed by 40 minutes upwards.
    Essentially the platform feels unusable at the moment, and I'm having to recreate emails in Outbound marketing to send which seems to be unaffected. Which is a complete waste of my time - cannot wait to bin this terrible platform and move to Hubspot!!
  • Fiona_Tiernan Profile Picture
    Fiona_Tiernan 258 on at
    Real time marketing segments are not refreshing

    Unfortunately this sounds like a bug - I would advise raising a ticket with Microsoft so they can investigate further.

    In the meantime, are your segments currently being used anywhere in live journeys? If not, I would suggest creating a copy of the segments that are stuck and then using the newly created ones instead, that hopefully don't experience the same issue.

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