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Electronic reporting : How to use user input parameters?

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In electronic reporting, I have created a payment format, in which i have to enable or disable the generation of a control report based on user input (please refer to screenshot below)  :-

As shown in the screenshot, I have added a user input parameter, which provides the user with a checkbox when generating payment :-


Can anyone help me with how to use this checkbox to control whether the control report is generated or not?

Can this be done in the format designer itself? or do I have to do some coding?


  • RE: Electronic reporting : How to use user input parameters?

    This user input parameter will need to be mapped into your model.

    I've had success with user parameters like this by doing the following:

    Add a field to hold the selection to your data model

    Add the user input parameter to your data model mapping

    Map the selection into that field (and do any processing that is appropriate based on parameter selection)

    In your format, you can set the enabled property on an Excel file, range, or field based on the mapped selection

    This approach works very consistently and allows a great deal of control over your output.

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    RE: Electronic reporting : How to use user input parameters?

    Could you please tell me how to solve this problem? Thank you!

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