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Word Template Content Control Fields Not Repeating

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Posted on by 216
I have created a MS Word template, however I am having problems with the content control field not repeating.
The template has been created against the account entity. The 1:N Relationship is as per the screenshot:
I have created a table in Word and have pulled in the correct contact fields as plain text into the table, I want all contacts at the account to show in a list, I have followed the MS Learn instructions and have highlighted the entire row with the fields in it, right clicked in the right hand pane in Word on /contact_Customer_accounts/ and clicked on /Insert Content Control/Repeating/ however when I upload the template into the account entity area in D365 and run the template against an account record which has multiple contacts linked to it, nothing appears in the table in Word its just blank, any ideas of what I am doing wrong?