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Posted on by Microsoft Employee

hello everyone,

I am having some confusions in budgeting, i update the budget register entries and set up all the budget controls but when i use budget control on a purchase order, i get the following warning message:

"The transaction will exceed the budget funds available for dimension value 606300."

and the budget available is always zero.

what i believe is that the amount with which i create budget register entries should be available in the "budgets available"

maybe i am not getting the right procedure so please kindly help me in this.

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    Bashir Ahmad Profile Picture
    Bashir Ahmad 5,248 on at
  • RE: budgeting

    Hamza - You should check the budget check results (Line > Finance > Budget check results). That form shows what dimensions are used (on the left hand side) to check. If you attach a screen shot, I might be able to direct. Thanks!

  • Community Member Profile Picture
    Community Member Microsoft Employee on at
    RE: budgeting

    okayy thankyouu, i mistakenly selected the wrong account. it was a silly mistake! thankyouu soo much!!

  • Sunil Profile Picture
    Sunil 755 on at
    RE: budgeting

    This message means that there is no budget for the dimension value 606300.  Can you please confirm that (a) when you entered the budget register for account 606300, you did not enter any other dimension on the same line; and that (b) you clicked on "Update budget balance" after entering the budget register entry.

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