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Sharing Records

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Please provide your inputs on the below:

Client John who is owned by team ABC, has got two cases C1 and C2.
C1 one is managed by team ABC, meaning owner of C1 is ABC.
C2 is managd by team XYZ, so owner of C2 is XYZ.

Since, team XYZ will require some information on the client we would share Client John's record with team far all good.

Now, recently we have enhanced the functionality and introduced another enity lets say "Reports", which both teams will have to run however, if team ABC generates the report for client john, report is owned by team ABC being the primary owner of the client, team xyz wont be able to see and will end up creating a duplicate, so to avoid this scenario, we will now require to share this report with team xyz and further to that there are many more related sub-records to this report entity, all of which will need sharing otherwise team XYZ wont be able to see the information....

My question is what shall we do to manage this kind of sharing situation as it seems a bit too much of sharing of records also, a continuous request for any such scenario, how can we automate this process or do something to make this more manageable.



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    Leco Lv on at
    RE: Sharing Records

    Hi partner,

    May I ask whether these two teams belong to the same business unit? As a system administrator, you can assign the global permissions of this entity to the two teams.

    BAD is my custom entity

    You can also refer to this link:


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