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Embedding Dynamics 365 Marketing Form on external website

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How can we achieve below scenarios while integrating D365 Marketing Form on external website?

  1. Can we refer/apply external website CSS in D365 Marketing form so that form should match external website styles OR we need to write separate CSS in Marketing form( this will be additional effort ). What is the best way to match D365 Marketing form styles( font-family, colors etc. ) with external website?

  2. Do we need to write custom JS code to handle mandatory input field error message on external website OR D365 Marketing form has inbuilt capabilities to handle input error. For example we want to show mandatory input field error message next to each field control and in a separate div section just above the form

  3. How to add jQuery reference in Form so that we can write jQuery code for custom functionality


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    Embedding Dynamics 365 Marketing Form on external website
    No problem. Thank you for your response. 
    You also mentioned that outbound marketing will be discontinued on 9/1/2023. Does that means outbound marketing option that we select from left menu as of today and all respective forms which we have built so far won't be available after 9/1/2023?
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    Haig Liu Microsoft Employee on at
    Embedding Dynamics 365 Marketing Form on external website
    I apologize for the late reply:
    1. iframes are usually not needed. when we complete a live marketing form, we have the option of generating either a string of JS code (consisting of a couple links) or a standalone page, and if we need to host the form on an external site, we tend to choose the former.
    It's very common for hosted forms to not match the style of the external site, and the only way to combat this is to customize the HTML of the form to match the external site.
    2. When you click the submit button, the data will be automatically uploaded to the Microsoft server and transferred to the dataverse, which then transfers the data to the fields according to the field mapping. This process does not require us to write logic and we cannot change its default behavior.
    3. You can submit your ideas here, and vote to let Microsoft know the level of user demand for this feature, so that it can be reflected in the next update:
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    Embedding Dynamics 365 Marketing Form on external website
    In response to answer provided by Haig Liu
    What is best practices to host form on external website? With iframe or without iframe?
    • Using iframe
      • In this case, form will be isolated from external website which means Form CSS won't have any impact on main external website but we noticed any click event fired inside iframe will not have access to HTML elements on page
    • Without iframe
      • In this case, since Form generate it's own HTML/CSS so external website CSS will have some impact but that's fine because either way for HTML/CSS customization. is needed as you mentioned. The only benefit of this approach is that the complete Form HTML elements will be accessible on page so we can write custom code in external website

    Does CRM form responsive by default OR we need to write CSS to make it responsive?
    On which platform we can provide suggestions to Microsoft?
    Thank you!
  • Suggested answer
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    Haig Liu Microsoft Employee on at
    Embedding Dynamics 365 Marketing Form on external website
    1. When using externally hosted forms, style mismatches are common, and if you want to match the styles, you can only change them in the form designer.
    Because the hosted code provided by the real-time form only has a few links (outbound marketing will be discontinued on 9/1/2023).

    2.Custom JS code can only be placed on the page but not on the form.
    If you need to restrict the type of data entered by the user, you can adjust the field setting, but you can't place JS code similar to the Onload event directly on the form.
    3.The conditional statement functionality provided by marketing can be applied on real time form, but some jQuery code may not be supported.
    If you need some features, we suggest you suggest an idea. Microsoft will refer to these ideas in subsequent updates to determine the next product features.

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