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What is the proper way to insert a line in Sales order line.

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Posted on by 422

So i've made a button that inserts a line into my sales order lines. Now I know that some fields on a line normally get filled in once the saleline number and type are validated. At the moment do do not have this implemented yet in my code to add a line when i click a button.

The code i have now is following:

procedure InsertFreightCost(SalesLine: Record "Sales Line"; Price: Decimal; DocType: Option; DocNumb: Code[20]; DocDate: Date);
        LineNo: Integer;
        SalesLine.SetFilter("Document No.", DocNumb);
        if SalesLine.FindLast() then
            LineNo := SalesLine."Line No." + 10000
            LineNo := 10000;
        SalesLine."Line No." := LineNo;
        SalesLine."Document Type" := DocType;
        SalesLine."Document No." := DocNumb;
        SalesLine.Type := SalesLine.Type::"G/L Account";
        SalesLine."No." := '700010';
        SalesLine."Description" := 'Selling. - EU';
        SalesLine.Quantity := 1;
        SalesLine."Unit of Measure Code" := 'PIECES';
        SalesLine."Unit Price" := Price;
        SalesLine."Line amount" := Price;
        SalesLine."Qty. to Ship" := 1;
        SalesLine."Qty. to Invoice" := 1;
        SalesLine."Shipment Date" := DocDate;
        SalesLine."Planned Shipment Date" := DocDate;
        SalesLine."Planned Delivery Date" := DocDate;
        SalesLine."Qty. to Ship" := 1;
        SalesLine."Qty. to Invoice" := 1;
        SalesLine."Return Qty. to Receive" := 0;
So this works but i know it's not the correct way of doing this. How do i change this so that i only need to fill in the required fields and the others will fill themselves in based on the required fields?