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Close SSRS report after excel generated

Posted on by 207
I have created SSRS report which will create excel directly on report generation. but after excel generated the page is not closing and shows a blank page. It should redirect to home page after excel is generated.
Please find the below code for reference.
public final class OrderBookReportController extends SrsReportRunController implements BatchRetryable{    SRSPrintDestinationSettings printDestinationSetting;   /// <summary>   /// Main method   /// </summary>   /// <param name = /_args/>args</param>    public static void main(Args _args)    {        NAVOrderBookReportController controller = new OrderBookReportController();        controller.parmReportName(ssrsReportStr(OrderBookReport,Report));        controller.parmArgs(_args);        controller.parmShowDialog(false);        controller.startOperation();       //FormRun fr= _args.caller();       // fr.close();      //  _args.caller().close();                  }    protected void preRunModifyContract()    {        printDestinationSetting = new SRSPrintDestinationSettings();        printDestinationSetting.printMediumType(SRSPrintMediumType::File);        printDestinationSetting.fileName(System.IO.Path::GetTempPath() +/OrderBookReport.XLSX/);        printDestinationSetting.fileFormat(SRSReportFileFormat::Excel);        printDestinationSetting.overwriteFile(true);        this.parmReportContract().parmPrintSettings(printDestinationSetting);      }}
Please suggest.
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    Mohit Rampal Profile Picture
    Mohit Rampal 12,540 Super User on at
    Close SSRS report after excel generated
    Hi Priya, In addition, you can check this article and let us know if still issues.
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    GirishS Profile Picture
    GirishS 27,828 Super User on at
    Close SSRS report after excel generated
    Hi Priya,
    I am not sure why this happening.
    But instead of extending the controller class - Create normal class like mentioned in the below blog.
    I mean don't extend the SrsReportRunController.
    Girish S.

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